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GentleTheMarionette's Profile Picture
Wruzz Purple-Fang
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I don't call myself Gentle for no reason, I'm a very quiet and shy person. I love helping people if I can, and I prefer to avoid conflict.

Also note, I will not post any NSFW Art on my Deviant. If you want to view my NSFW Art Go to my Tumblr here:…

You can Donate Items via Steam if you want to show yer appreciation that way ^3^…

Now About Me:
Just a quiet dragon, with a love for teamwork and protecting my online friends. I'm typically a shy person, but I like to talk about anything video game related even talking about random facts I've learned from just reading about the games I like. I sometimes upload gameplay videos on YouTube every now and then. For the most part, I spend most of my time at my computer watching youtube videos, playing games, or drawing pictures.

Also, I tend to be a little obsessive, shy, and worried people dislike me. I can't really help it :P

I like to listen to Music whenever I'm out and about and I usually will have at least 1 earphone in when I'm out. I'm not really outgoing in public, but online I like being helpful and talkative. If you have questions about some game you happen to be playing with me I usually try to answer it one way or another. I will usually prefer to listen than talk, I'm good at being quiet when I want to. I'm also rather unforgiving if you do something to hurt/offend me, I don't easily forget. It takes a lot of work to earn my trust, but it is easily shattered. I have a low tolerance for assholes...

When I play Team Fortress 2, I main as The Good Ol Medicine Mann and I am damn good at it, but I like to play as any random class.
But when I play random co-op games I prefer playing as support, tank, or defense classes, taking the full force of the enemy or backing up/healing my team.

Favorite Hobbies: Sleeping, Gaming, Snuggling, Cuddling, Taking Hot Showers, Watching Youtube, Making Random Videos For The Youtubez, Learning the Lore of Popular Games/Following Dev notes and Patches, Making Random Posters/images

You can try to add me as a friend on steam as long as we played together or are mutual friends with someone else on my list, but I usually will not accept people with Private profiles, unless I know who you are, or random people.

Want to add me on, here's my tag: GentlePuppet#1316
Want to add me on PSN, here's my ID: spy2750
I will accept all friends on these, If I go on them, cause I rarely use them.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

Just some things I like ^3^
JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie Markiplier: Dancing by Oreleth vanossgaming stamp by oiimi Jonton Stamp by FliteWulf Yogscast Stamp by rubyeyes32 GMM Stamp by GentleTheMarionette Undertale Stamp by TheRealAussieKitten Overwatch stamp logo Mercy by SamThePenetrator Overwatch logo stamp Ana by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Mei by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Junkrat by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Zenyatta by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Roadhog by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Bastion by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Reinhardt by SamThePenetrator Overwatch stamp logo Lucio by SamThePenetrator BLU Team Stamp by SupaSoldier TF2 Medic Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n TF2 Soldier Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n Game Grumps by cutgut Furry and PROUD::stamp by CelestialWolfen :thumb276644668: I Love Dragons Stamp by GentleTheMarionette Stamp - I Heart Dragons by ValkAngie FNAF 2 - Golden Freddy Stamp by SolarFluffy Jonton Stamp by FliteWulf PBG Stamp by TheDekuLegacy Some Ordinary Gamers Stamp by Nekoender The Elder Scrolls Online Stamp by Isriana Aldmeri Dominion Stamp by Isriana Skyrim Khajiit Stamp by WeirdHyenas GentlePuppet Stamp by GentleTheMarionette DefPanda Stamp by GentleTheMarionette Ruveyzun Stamp by GentleTheMarionette Angelic Stamp by GentleTheMarionette

Favorite Pokemons
Gardevoir by CreepyJellyfish Blaziken by CreepyJellyfish Serperior by CreepyJellyfish Zangoose by CreepyJellyfish Meowstic-f by CreepyJellyfish Haunter by CreepyJellyfish Charizard by CreepyJellyfish Clefable by CreepyJellyfish Absol by CreepyJellyfish Grovyle by CreepyJellyfish Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Chandelure by CreepyJellyfish Dragonair by CreepyJellyfish Goodra by CreepyJellyfish Arbok by CreepyJellyfish Nidoqueen by CreepyJellyfish Groudon by CreepyJellyfish

If you want to request something go ahead, I might be-able to do it, I might not.
If you want to do a collabe with me let me know, but please don't ask me to start :P Not good at making random things XD

My PC Specs, for those who are curious o3^
Motherboard Model : 0PU052 Optiplex 755
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.40GHz - Potato CPU
GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Gigabyte Low Profile 2GB VRAM - Main Power of PC
RAM: DDR2 PC2-6400 (400MHz) 8GB
Mic: Soonhua SH-666 - Very Good Cheap Mic
Headphones: Sony Stereo Headphones - Very Nice Cheap Headphones o3o

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╚╝╚══╩╝╚╝♥╚╝ Support Furries! ♥
Imma Scalie, if you couldn't already figure it out. :3

Random Furry Wiki Quotes:

"The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes."
" Scalies is a furry term use to describe both anthropomorphic creatures of the reptile and amphibian variety, and furries that identify themselves as such or prefer the concept of such beings over furred characters."
" Herpies (singular Herpy), are furry fans and artists with a love for scalie characters."
My Fursona:
e.g. "A Fursona (pl. fursonas, sometimes furson; a furspeech portmanteau derived from the terms furry and persona), refers to a (normally furry or scalie or avian), character, persona, alter ego, avatar, or identity assumed by a person or player normally associated with the furry fandom. The fursona itself consists of a name (usually fictitious) and a species, as well as any distinctive colors, markings or body features. An artist's typical commission is a rendition of a fursona."


*Note: If you want to request something, but you don't have a DeviantArt account, just email me: Please title the email [SFM] Request from [yournamehere] also If you're requesting an NSFW picture Click this Link to be taken to my request page on my Tumblr. You can request multiple angles but, you'll have to wait a little extra time if you do. You can ask for specific angles or just let me choose what I think will look best, but I will always render alt angles at a lower res to preserve time.*

*Note: Note: If you wish to donate/pay for your commission/request check out my Patreon here (but be warned, before clicking this link, I primarily use my Patreon for Lewd things, there are boobs and dicks over there):…
Or you can pay directly via PayPal via my email: Or via this link: PayPal Donation Link

*Note: Note: Note: (To many Notes  :PI do these as a hobby and choose whether or not I want to make requests made, since I have to take a lot of time making each and every image, that and I, again, do this as a hobby so sometimes I just don’t want to do make an image and would rather play games, chill with friends, or watch some random videos.

If you want something Lewd Go Here: Lewd Request Rules and I'll see what I can do, I'll then post the completed picture on my blog. (I Don't want NSFW Stuff on my deviant art. I don't mind you linking the picture back to me at all, You can upload it on your own deviant if you wish to do so, again just make sure you credit/link the original back to me.

If you want to request something SFW please try to include as much of the following info that you can, If you leave anything out I will attempt to add it myself, assuming it will look good...

Please Include the Following:
- Model/Specific Character -Include Gender, If you want to gender bend someone, also try to keep the character count as low as possible, for my PC's sake XD, things can get pretty laggy if I start adding more than 4 at a time.
- Pose
- Facial Expressions (assuming the character can be facially posed)
- Hats/Cosmetics (please include paints/unusual effects if you want, else they will be default)
- Extra Little Things (Extra models, aka weapons/sheen/ks effect)

An Example of a Request:
Character: TF2 Medic/M
Pose: Meet the Medic Taunt
Facial Expressions: Smiling
Hats: Titanium Tyrolean/Painted white/Nuts&Bolts, Brush with Death/Painted Purple, Das Fantzipantzen
Extra: Festive Crusaders Crossbow/PurpleSheen, Quick-Fix/Purple-Sheen, Amputator/GreenSheen

Finished Example Request:
[SFM] Meem by GentleTheMarionette

Full Posters/Wallpapers take 2-6+ hours to make and render, depending on several things, and 20-60 minutes to edit/save/upload.
Smaller things like in-game sprays can take 10-30 minutes depending on the amount of work required.
If yer asking for a Spray please leave yer email so I can send the reqired VTF to you.

*Note: If I start getting more requests than I can handle I may start asking for Points/Donations, I am willing to do these for free currently, as I have a decent amount of free time and are always ready to get some more 'Practice' in. :3*

*Note: Note: I put a lot of Love into every Project I work on, So if you feel like I'm taking a long time, just remember, I'm making sure that I can accept the quality, and I usually have high standards for myself and If I feel that the thing I am working on is not good enough, Then I will not release it until it is good enough.*

*One Final Note: I will never work on any requests on the weekends, that being Fridays-Saturdays.

Go here, If you want, for some Lewd Things I have Made in SFM:
My Lewd Tumblr

Below are Several Past SFW Things I have Made in SFM:

Emily's Gold Horde by GentleTheMarionette   Pyro Dragon Sisters by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Medic and Pyro Cuddles by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Sister Location Crew ~Updated~ by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Cute Pyro Cuddles by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Relaxing on a Couch by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Angelic Blu's Pyro by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Wruzz's Medic and Pyro by GentleTheMarionette   [SFM] Defpanda's Canine Magic by GentleTheMarionette  [SFM] I Hate Winter by GentleTheMarionette  [SFM] Snowy Romatic Ruveyzun by GentleTheMarionette  [SFM] Chilling by the Fire by GentleTheMarionette  [SFM] Playing With Fire by GentleTheMarionette  [SFM] Sister Location Crew by GentleTheMarionette


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